African food retailers outside the continent - Here are some of the Nigerian food items in high demand

Created at: March 9th 2021

Updated at: March 19th 2021

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The food business is saturated , however , there are simple things foodpreneurs can do to make their businesses visible in a crowded market.

As a food retailer any where in the world, here are few things you should know

1) There are different kinds of food retailers (this depends on the audience you cater too), pick an audience, don't try to be a food retailer that caters to everyone.

2) Find the foods your target audience would be "more" willing to buy from you (stop throwing any and every products at your customers, you might end up confusing them)

3) Know the right quality of food and service delivery they desire and require .

4) Be sure the audience you choose to serve has the ability to pay for what you are offering.

5) Properly position yourself to be seen by them (marketing).

6) Invest in customer retention.

If you run an online African food store outside the continent and have been struggling with the right Nigerian foods to stock, here's a list to help you with that.

1) Ogi powder (grandios and tasty pot are 2 brands I recommend)

2) Maggi and knorr seasoning cubes

3) Oil palm concentrate for banga soup ( like banku mix/ bankwus)

4) Ponmo (wet or dry)

5) Poundo yam (like ola-ola and ayoola)

6) Cassava (fufu) flour

7) Bean flour ( I recommend tasty pot brand)

8) Milo

9) Peak milk

10) Golden morn

11) Kilishi

12) moimoi leaves

13) Locust beans (fresh/dry)

14) Blue band butter

15) Tom-tom

16) puff-puff mix

17) zobo leaves

18) custard

19) Indomie noodles

20) Nido milk

21) Gino tomato puree

22) Suya spice

23) Snails ( live/ oven dried/ frozen)

24) smoked catfish

25) Smoked eja osan ( asa fish)

26) Bonga fish

27) Gala

28) peppersoup spice

29) bitterkola

30) Jollof rice spice

31) ugba

32) fresh Nigerian vegetables (ugwu, shoko, ewedu, uziza, utazi)

33) kuli kuli

34) Okporo (red crayfish)

35) ogbono

36) egusi

37) Tapioca

38) Dry bitterleaf

39) oloyin beans

40) Ijebu gari

41) Nigerian chin-chin

42) Peeled groundnut

43) Banga spice

44) Ducros seasoning

45) Alligator pepper

46) Native dry pepper

47) Cameroon pepper

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