How to export dry fish, crayfish, snails, ponmo, kilishi from Nigeria to the U.S , U.K and Canada .

Created at: January 20th 2021

Updated at: March 7th 2021

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Before sending food items outside the shores of the Nigeria, its important to familiarize yourself with the custom laws/ regulations that operate in whatever country the items are being sent out to; this is to make sure the food items are not confiscated by Customs.

Keep in mind that these custom laws/ regulations change from time to time so as much as you can, update the information you have anytime you have to export out of Nigeria.


At the moment, dryFish and crayfish are not allowed into UK from Nigeria, if it is shipped there, it will most likely be destroyed and the owner will have to pay for it to be destroyed.

Both dryfish and crayfish are allowed into Canada and U.S from Nigeria; however , its important to make sure fish products are properly are processed and packaged so they arrive the destination in very good condition.


Live and frozen Snails are allowed into U.K and Europe.

Also, both live and frozen snails are allowed into the U.S and Canada from Nigeria. Here are a few things to keep in mind

  • Live snails are to be packed in wooden crates

  • Frozen snails are to be packed in cooler boxes with dry ice.

  • Airline to lift the cargo must be informed atleast 3 days ahead so they can prepare as snails are classified as highly perishable and need to be moved almost immediately they are dropped with the airline.

  • There's a flat rate (freight cost) when sending 100kg of snails or less; so even if the snails weigh less than 100kg, the airline would still charge you the freight cost for 100kg of snails .


Meat products like kilishi, roasted meat, dry ponmo and others are prohibited from into U.K ,U.S and Canada.

Here's a general list of prohibited items

List of Prohibited 🚫 items from Nigeria to Europe

  • Fish

  • Crayfish

  • Pomo

  • Meat

  • Maggie and noddles ( chicken or beef flavour)

  • Beans

  • Anything with engine oil

  • Liquid herbs ( only the dry items)

List of Prohibited 🚫 items from Nigeria to America and Canada

  • Pomo

  • Maggie and noddles ( chicken or beef flavour)

  • Meat

  • Fresh yam not allowed in USA, only Canada

  • Dried leafs ( allowed 80% of the time)

  • Anything with engine oil

  • Liquid herbs ( only the dry items)

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Adeolu M. Obisanya (International Freight forwarding Agent)

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